We continuously think of ways to improve our company and anticipate change


In 2018, South Africa introduced the Sugary Beverages Levy.

The Beverage Company embraces the principles of this legislation and support the tenets on which it is based.

Prior to the legislation being ratified, we were already working on our product formulas to make sure that we were compliant with legislation while still delighting our consumers with the quality, flavour and value of our beverages.

By way of example, we recently reformulated Reboost – a widely popular energy drink. In our consumer taste tests, 88% of participants preferred the 4g reformulation over the 12g previous product. We are delighted with the outcome as Reboost has retained is superior taste and tanginess, provides a full-body ‘mouthfeel’ and remains at a competitive price point. The new Reboost reformulation became available in-store in October 2018.