PepsiCo Strengthens Partnership With BevCo

We are proud to inform you that BevCo has once again secured the exclusive manufacturing, distribution and marketing services for the PepsiCo brand portfolio; this includes Pepsi, Pepsi Max, Pepsi Light, Mountain Dew, 7UP Free and Mirinda.


After forging a partnership with PepsiCo in 2018, BevCo has been the exclusive manufacturer and distributor of choice to bring the Pepsi portfolio to the local market with campaigns and offerings that aim to impact and enhance the lives of South African consumers.

We are delighted to continue this partnership with PepsiCo. We are committed to delivering premium products that promote sustainability while protecting our natural resources. Working with PepsiCo, together with our own research and development teams, we are focused on leveraging the most innovative technology available and designing packaging that is of the lightest possible weight. Being one of the first players in the South African market to trial rPET in our 2Lt preforms. We are honoured to be the Pepsi service provider of choice in SA and to be a part of their aggressive pursuit of creating sustainable packaging solutions.

This year Pepsi will take first steps towards its vision to become the world’s most progressive and influential football entertainment brand. To connect with Next Gen Consumers and win their love, we are building a meaningful role for the brand in the world of Football+. Engage and follow the competition on the Pepsi page to learn more!