crafted for each and every South African

BevCo, a producer of premium products


what we believe:

In moments of cheer, when families are connecting, friends are celebrating, memories are being made and lifelong bonds are being formed… BevCo is there.

In our communities where the impact we make has the ability to change lives and futures, where we live each day to do better, by leaving a sustainable footprint and creating opportunity so that communities can continuously grow and flourish… BevCo is there.

For our people, where the potential for personal growth, skills

development and the chance to be a part of

something bigger plays a significant role in their lives... BevCo is there.

We are there in all the moments and places that matter. It is our single most important strength. The fizzy magic we all embrace at BevCo makes us a group that offers more than the beverages we produce. Our bubbles are more than just carbonation, they infuse our consumers with a lightness of being, the feeling of the tingle that comes with joy and a refreshing burst of who and what we are.


what we do:

Across our range of brands, flavours and colours we manufacture high quality, high value carbonated soft drinks, energy drinks, mixers and still beverages for the South African market.

lady in orage

our story:

The Beverage Company (BevCo) has a proud history in its journey to becoming the South African champion of the local beverage sector. Formed out of an acquisition between Little Green Beverages, SoftBev in 2018, this brought together a collection of powerful local and international brands that have long held value among South Africans for over 50 years.

Softbev, with over 50 years of combined industry experience was an innovative company forSoftBev, with over 50 years of combined industry experience was an innovative company formed in 2014 between two well-established companies, Quality Beverages and Shoreline Beverages. SoftBev was the producer of South Africa’s much-loved Coo-ee and JiVE brands, and held the PepsiCo franchise brands: 7UP FREE, Capri-Sun, Mirinda, Mountain Dew, Pepsi, Pepsi Light and Pepsi Max.

Little Green Beverages was founded in 2006 when the founding shareholders purchased a bottling plant located in Robertville in the West of Johannesburg and began producing a limited range of carbonated soft drinks in early 2006, giving birth to the much-loved Refreshhh brand.

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Our past is one of a rich heritage, but our future is one of being a significant and leading local beverage producer that is deeply connected to South African’s everyday lives.

For everyone.


BevCo products are for everyone, creating human connections in the sharing moments. BevCo offers diverse and innovative flavour profiles, consistent quality and best value. BevCo is for everyone. We strive to connect across our value chain as a group that creates tremendous and positive shared impact on everyone and everything we touch. We live and work to bring customers high quality and affordable choices with great flavours.


BevCo is a proudly South African beverage group. It is innovating the category and delivering products and outcomes that far exceed expectations in the local market. BevCo is a reason to be proud of South Africa’s can do energy.

Join us in building a brand that is for everyone!

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