Water Saving

23 November 2018 | Innovation

Cape Town was on the verge of becoming the first major urban centre to run out of water but has averted the crisis thanks to the innovation and investment into infrastructure in the short term.


Over the past 24 months, we have been implementing a series of initiatives at our Cape Town facility, aimed at reducing our environmental impact.

Water saving 
Severe drought and water shortages have been experience over recent years in the Cape region of South Africa. Accordingly, we have been thinking smarter about our water usage, which is good for the environment and – of course – good for business. The successful implementation of numerous initiatives has resulted in:

  • Our water usage ratio has reduced from 1.8 litres water per litre product to 1.3, putting this facility as one of the best in the world for this measure.
  • Cost savings of over R1.8 million since Jan 2017.

Water Saving