Waste Management

23 November 2018 | Innovation

Responsible waste management is a core business principle at The Beverage Company. Again, at our Cape Town plant, we have been testing and implementing a number of initiatives, including:

  • Sending returns, expired stock and waste products to local farmers for use in animal feed instead of putting into effluent system resulting in meaningful financial savings per month as a result of not paying effluent charges. To date, we have redirected c. 275 000 litres.
  • New recycling drive to reduce waste going to landfill, resulting in 25% reduction in waste and increase in value of waste recycled almost twofold.
  • Various efficiency improvement projects which increased labour efficiency by 25% and line efficiency by 20%
  • ECO Bricks initiative – putting non recyclable waste material into used cold drink bottles to be used as a building brick for construction.

Following the important learnings from these projects, we intend to roll out best practice to our other sites.